Jeep™ JK & JKU 4 Door REAR 1310 CV DRIVE SHAFT 2007-2011 Rubicon & Non Rubi.

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Jeep JKU Wrangler 1310 CV Rear Driveshaft for a 2007-11 (4 Door) 1310 CV Driveshaft for a 2007-11 Jeep JKU... read more
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50 lbs
54 × 5 × 5 in


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Jeep JKU Wrangler 1310 CV Rear Driveshaft for a 2007-11 (4 Door)

1310 CV Driveshaft for a 2007-11 Jeep JKU Wrangler (4 Door)
Works on Rubicon and Non Rubicon models
3-6″ Lift. (If you have Long Arms or Belly up a measurement will be required) 0-2.5″ lifts see measurement diagram

Comes with:

  • Greaseable Spicer U-Joints or upgrade to Spicer solid u-joints for $26.50
  • 1310 T-case Yoke – Reuse factory o-ring
  • Grade 8 Mounting hardware included.
  • Replacement Rear Dana 44 U-Bolt style Pinion Yoke.
  • 1310 Spicer U-Bolts.
  • High Speed Balanced
  • Ready to be installed in your JK – See instruction on JK page
  • Made of 2.5″ DOM tubing


  • Made with Quality parts like Spicer and Neapco



***Installation Hint – It is preferable to install this Drive Shaft with all the weight on the suspension. If the Jeep is on a lift, due to the nature of the suspension, the drive shaft may appear to be to long, this is not the case. As always please feel free to contact us with any installation questions, we are always happy to help.


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50 lbs
54 × 5 × 5 in


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Installation Instructions

2007-18 Jeep JK Rear Drive Shaft Installation

Removal of OEM Rear Drive Shaft – 2 Dr. & 4 Dr.

1. Using a 8mm socket remove the 8 bolts of the flange at the transfer case and rear differential.

2. Use a rubber mallet to separate the driveshaft from the flanges and remove the stock drive shaft.

Removing rear pinion yoke and installing new 1310 pinion yoke

1. Using a 32mm socket remove the pinion nut on the rear diff. Tap the OEM yoke flange with a rubber mallet to knock it loose.
2. Install new (provided) 1310 Pinion Yoke onto pinion shaft. Apply a layer of RTV on washer and slide into the yoke over splines on the pinion shaft.
3. Apply Red Lock-tight on the pinion nut and carefully thread it on. Tighten nut. *Be Careful Not To Over Tighten, doing so can result in damage to the rear differential.*

Removing T-Case Yoke and Installing New 1310 CV Yoke

1. Using a 32mm socket remove the OEM flange yoke. Tap lightly on backside of yoke with rubber mallet to remove. *Keep the O-Ring to use in the new CV yoke*
2. ***Important*** Insert OEM O-Ring into the new 1310 T-case CV yoke and place yoke onto T-case output shaft.
3. Apply Red Lock-Tight on factory t-case nut and thread onto output shaft using the 32mm socket. Torque nut to 160 ft. lbs.

Installing your new Oliver’s Custom Drive Shaft
1. Apply Red Lock-tight to the (4) provided socket head bolts that came with the new driveshaft and insert the CV side of the shaft onto the yoke at the T-case. Start all 4 bolts by hand first, then tighten
all the bolts using the 1/4” Allen wrench.

2.Place single u-joint side of the drive shaft into pinion yoke and tighten u-bolts using a ½” open end wrench. *Careful not to over tighten or tighten unevenly to 15 ft. lbs.*