Drive Shaft Warranty Information:

We provide a Lifetime Warranty on our Welds and our Tubing, (if you should break it due to torque. This DOES NOT cover rock rash or any other improper use.

30 day unconditional vibration free guarantee. Why 30 Days? If a driveshaft has an imbalance issue, it will show up immediately, not in 30-90 days. Meaning drive shaft imbalances don't slowly develop over time. 

90 DayWarranty thereafter. Why 90 Days you may ask? After 90 days it is the customers responsibility to proper maintain the shaft at that point. Meaning greasing the U-Joints & the CV Center kit. If properly maintained these parts will last many, many miles, if not they will likely fail very quickly from grease starvation.

There will be No warranty if components are broken due to bad/improper driveline angles or axle wrap issues. 

U-joints and CV Centering Kits are considered "Wear" Items and should be properly maintained (Greased) 
every 3 months/3000 miles. We recommend greasing them at every oil change interval.