Rebuild Driveshafts

When you lift or lower your vehicle, you will need to lengthen or shorten your drive shafts.  Oliver’s can handle this and we can even “beef” it up with stronger tubing! We can add new U-Joints and Balance the driveshaft so there aren’t any vibrations.  


Installing Lift & Larger tires and/or wheels on your vehicle? To be done right, it will require you to re-gear the diff(s) to keep the car or truck from struggling for power.  Oliver’s Drive Line & Gear specialists will re-gear the axles to get you back to that stock power feel , get your RPM levels back where you can run O/D on the highway and even improve your fuel economy.  For hardcore off-roaders and rock crawlers, Oliver’s can get you to an extremely low ratio, like  4.56, 4.88, 5.13 5.38 and in some cases even lower.

Differential Rebuilds

Come to us to fix that worn out, loud, whining and droning differential.  We will install new carrier and pinion bearings and replace axle bearing and seals. As well, we can do simple, routine maintenance on just about any differential.

We've Got You Covered on Driveshafts & Gears!