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Installation Instructions Jeep Wrangler 07 and up JK, JL, JT 2 & 4 Door Rear




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2007 and up Jeep JK, JL, JT Rear Drive Shaft Installation

Removal of OEM Rear Drive Shaft – 2 Dr. & 4 Dr.

  1. Using a 8mm socket remove the 8 bolts of the flange at the transfer case and rear differential.
  1. Use a rubber mallet to separate the driveshaft from the flanges and remove the stock drive shaft.

Removing rear pinion yoke and installing new 1310 pinion yoke

  1. Using a 32mm socket remove the pinion nut on the rear diff. Tap the OEM yoke flange with a rubber mallet to knock it loose.
  1. Install new (provided) 1310 Pinion Yoke onto pinion shaft. Apply a layer of RTV on washer and slide into the yoke over splines on the pinion shaft.
  1. Apply Red Lock-tight on the pinion nut and carefully thread it on. Tighten nut. *Be Careful Not To Over Tighten, doing so can result in damage to the rear differential.*

Removing T-Case Yoke and Installing New 1310 CV Yoke

  1. Using a 32mm socket remove the OEM flange yoke. Tap lightly on backside of yoke with rubber mallet to remove. *Keep the O-Ring to use in the new CV yoke*
  2. ***Important*** Insert OEM O-Ring into the new 1310 T-case CV yoke and place yoke onto T-case output shaft.
  3. Apply Red Lock-Tight on factory t-case nut and thread onto output shaft using the 32mm socket. Torque nut to 160 ft. lbs.

Installing your new Oliver’s Custom Drive Shaft

  1. Apply Red Lock-tight to the (4) provided socket head bolts that came with the new driveshaft and insert the CV side of the shaft onto the yoke at the T-case. Start all 4 bolts by hand first, then tighten

all the bolts using the 1/4” Allen wrench.

2.Place single u-joint side of the drive shaft into pinion yoke and tighten u-bolts using a ½” open end wrench. *Careful not to over tighten or tighten unevenly to 15 ft. lbs.*