Installation Instructions 2007 and Up Jeep JK, JL, JT Front Drive Shaft

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2007 and up Jeep JK, JL. JT Front Drive Shaft Installation

Removal of OEM Drive Shaft

1) Use a 15mm wrench or an impact with 15mm socket to remove the 4 bolts at the pinion flange yoke. To remove the flange knock it loose with a rubber mallet.

  1. Remove the (8) 8mm bolts at the transfer case using a 8mm wrench or an impact with a long extension(s). Separate the shaft from the flange and remove the stock driveshaft.

Removing Stock T-case Yoke and Installing New 1310 CV Yoke


  1. Using a 32mm socket, remove the T-case pinion nut. (Save Nut) Tap the yoke off of the T-case with a rubber mallet.


*Keep the O-Ring to use in the new CV yoke*


  1. ***Important*** Insert OEM O-Ring into new T-case CV yoke and place yoke onto the t-case output shaft.


  1. Apply Red Lock-tight on factory nut and thread onto output shaft using the 32mm socket. Torque nut to 160 ft. lbs. To avoid vibration.


Installing Your New Oliver’s Custom Drive Shaft

1) Apply Red Lock-tight to the 4 provided socket head bolts that came with the new driveshaft and insert the CV side of the shaft onto the yoke at the T-case. Start all 4 bolts by hand first, then tighten all the bolts using the 1/4” Allen wrench.

2) Apply Red Lock-tight to the 4 factory pinion flange yoke bolts and install using impact and metric 15mm socket. Torque bolts to 80 ft. lbs.